Stanza Bozza 1

The Olivo room is located in the Green Apartment and is suitable for anyone who enjoys sharing but wants to retain their privacy.

The 123-square-meter apartment with a large living area encourages sharing and socializing with the guests from the other two rooms while enjoying all the comfort and privacy of your own room (from a private bathroom to a Smart TV and desk.

The name of the room is dedicated not only to the house and its eco-sustainability, but also evokes the untamed nature that our island is known for. Sardinian wild plants include the wild olive tree, or oleaster, of which Sardinia boasts one of the oldest specimens in the history of Italy. It can be found in Luras (the Gallura Region), in the province of Sassari. It is thought to be between 2,500 and 4,000 years old, although some claim it is 5,000 years old. Find out more about the history of the olive tree in the room.

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